Rooms, Houses, Flats for Rents for Coventry Students

Thanks for joining 'Rooms, Houses, Flats for Rent for Coventry S...tudents' group.

The group was set up to provide a platform for students from Coventry University, Coventry University College, Warwick University, City College Coventry and Henley College who:

- are looking for a place to stay during the course of term,
- know of any places to stay/rent
- have any general questions or queries regarding halls of residence provided by the University, landlords or independent student accommodation providers.
- are looking for tenants or housemates if you are a landlord

This group is different from others because it captures your requirements and then auto circulates them to Landlords and Agents who are registered with us.

Please specify, in your post, what you are looking to let or to rent and also any details/preferences regarding locations and prices.

If you are a landlord and would like to be sent alerts of searching tenants then please send us a message.

Also, please refrain from posting anything unrelated and irrelevant, the posts will be deleted by the Admin to focus on the purpose of the group.
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