Crenshaw High Alumni 1969 thru 1979 (the early years)

Crenshaw High, the first decade... the early years...the best years. This forum was created to be a place where Alumni from the 1969 thru 1979 era can come together and evoke high school memories. To reconnect with old friends and classmates of our Alma Mater; and for some, take a sentimental journey of the most impressionable times of our lives. A fun place to communicate with each other, plan events, and network.

We want everyone to have fun and enjoy one another as we reminisce on days of old in nostalgic music, photos, videos, news paper clippings, etc. We started it all. Swahili senior class names, class colors the funky “Blue and Gold”, championships, star athletes, actors, musicians, doctors, reverends, law enforcement officers, entrepreneurs, and the list goes on. Please feel free to post accomplishments of fellow alumni whom have made a difference and are doing great things. We like to know how you are doing.

We have a few simple rules:
Please do not post anything that is not related to the focus of this group. Any negative comments or inappropriate postings in this group will first be addressed in a private message; kindly asking you to refrain from such postings. The posting may or may not be removed depending on its content. If you refuse to abide by these simple rules, you will be asked to leave the group and/or be removed by one of the administrators. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Proud to be a Crenshaw Cougar? We are the baddest classes to come out of Crenshaw High School. With that being said, welcome Classes:

1969 ~ Simba Wachanga (A12)
1969 ~ Walio Chaguliwa (B12)
1970 ~ Coeurs Des Lion
1971 ~ Saidis
1972 ~ Washioshinduas
1973 ~ Mshindi Mkuwas
1974 ~ Wambazi Lumbara
1975 ~ Daraka Ya Kimya
1976 ~ Femi Folami
1977 ~ Nous Sommes Le Sel De La Vie
1978 ~ Mihi Curi Futuri
1979 ~ Los Futuristes