raleigh county baby/toddler yard sale 2

Keep it clean people. And if you cant meet someone them know ahead of time. And post what your going to post and no lying about what you post. It must be the exact item you posted for sale. Absolutely no profanity and no being rude or disrespectful or you will be banned. That will not be tolerated also i do not tolerate drama so keep the drama to yourself. We are selling stuff and on this group it is first come first serve. And no baby formula you just never know about people. Must be from smoke free home the reason for the smoke free home is because babys have allergies and they cant handle cigerette smoke very well. And if an animal was on or around the object tell what kind of animal some kids have allergies. Have fun selling stuff if there is a problem of any sort contact myself or one of the other admins thank you. Gas isnt cheap people, if u set up a meeting plz be there, or at least give the other person enough time to cancel so they dont go out and waste there time waiting on you. Im a firm beliver in first come first serve not first person to say they want it but first person to buy it its a rough economy and people need the money. I started it for people buying and selling baby stuff this is free site not my job i just did it to help people if anyone has any complaints they can message me