Crossing Over to Homeschooling

There are many reasons you may be considering homeschooling - religious beliefs, educational issues, or the dreaded Common Core infesting our Public School System. All of us want what's best for our family and are looking for advice and support.

Whether you are a parent of a child in Public, Private, Virtual, Charter school, or have already crossed over to Homeschooling. This group is here to ensure every parent finds the support they need to navigate through the options, make the decision, and ultimately work through the transition into homeschooling.

We encourage members to post advice or questions about all educational issues, whether Homeschooling or in the Public System, including benefits of Homeschooling, Information on Common Core & why parents should be concerned, as well as help and support navigating the transition into Homeschooling.

While we obviously believe homeschooling is the best way to take responsibility NOW, we also believe that for our children's future it is necessary to defeat Common Core and truly fix our educational system by bringing it back to the local governments. Those are our personal beliefs. We hope this forum will help both homeschooling & non-homeschooling parents in this fight.

Knowledge is Power. One of the best ways we can help other parents is sharing information. Please consider going to Files and adding a curriculum review to the Curriculum Review document or a link to your state's Homeschooling Requirements in the State Requirement document. I can promise you all the member will appreciate the information!

In order to ensure everyone is comfortable, we do have a couple of rules. Multiple violations of these rules will get you removed & permanently banned:

1. There will be NO attacking of another parent's choices. It's important to respect every family's personal choice. Even though we hope everyone aspires to homeschooling, it is important to remember that there are many reasons that for some families, it may not currently be possible.

2. Advertising/Marketing links aren't acceptable and will be deleted - If you violate this rule, you will be removed from the group. Links that offer homeschooling resources, education about Common Core, or access to free printable/online curriculum is acceptable.

3. Religion and Politics are two subjects that cause many lively debates. While these topics are okay to discuss - If the conversation deteriorates or becomes abusive in any manner - The entire thread will be deleted.

4. No posting curriculum for sale on the group wall. Members may post curriculum in the Photos section only. Transactions should be handled privately and at your own risk. When completed, pictures should be deleted. Any posts on the group wall regarding sale of curriculum will be deleted.

Should you find offensive comments or posts, please PM/Tag an admin: Christine Larsen, Genette Wininger Raborn, Melody Casteel, Maria De Lourdes Lisboa. or Amy Dutsch.