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YOU & I have a lot in common, Entertainment Business, Travel and Cruising, to name just a few. But most important, we have an EntrepreneurSHIP spirit... working for ourselves. I learned a long time ago, that in SHOW-business, we should have an additional source of Income ~ especially, during those “dry spells”, while waiting for that next gig!

Before sharing with you this GROUP'S MISSION STATEMENT (below), I must inform you that I'm looking for Extremely Serious Entrepreneurs and those “newbies” just wanting to make a HUGE change & "take control" of their FINANCIAL lives! YOU will be happy to know that it's a Totally Portable World Wide Business, can be done at anytime of the day & as much or as little as you desire!

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My goal for creating this group (Cruise Ship Entertainers & Agents) was for you and all its members to have a non threatening environment, for a Fun, Informative, Intelligent, Helpful and Interactive group of like minded individuals who share the same passion for this Crazy Profession we call, Show Business At Sea ~ to share past experiences and potentially help find each other future work... maybe even a collaboration or two will be formed!

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