ComScI Society 2015/2016

Welcome all to ComSci! I'm not going to RAM too much info into t...his description, there should be a small enough amount for you to process.

This group will be the first port of call for all exciting events and socials. Our main goal is to make sure here to bring everyone together so you can network, socialise and above all, have a fantastic year!
You don't have to be a ComSci student to join, we welcome everyone and have got some massive events planned throughout the year. This year we are partnered with GLAM nightclub, Ladybird, Retros and The Vulcan Lounge and will have regular monthly socials to help you all de-stress and get to know one another properly. We have plenty of non-alcoholic events throughout the year as well. Last year we visited Bletchley park,performed Karaoke, hosted Film nights, held Pub Quizzes and are involved with a semesterly Hackathon!

All the year groups can be found here!
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
Year 4+?:

We also have a fantastic football team who welcome people of all abilities. Everybody is guaranteed game time! Message and he'll sort you out.

If football isn't to your taste there is a joint ComSci and Physics Netball team that can be found here:

We've had a lot of people from outside of the course this year who have shown interest this year from in learning to program. We will be working with the computing club to bring beginner and possibly advanced coding courses in various if enough of us are interested. This is still just in the works but if you follow us here on Facebook you will be the first to know when it materialises!

Looking forward to a wonderful year everyone!

Love ComSci xx See More