Registrars and Members, NSDAR helping each other

An unofficial, closed group limited to members of NSDAR. Discussions on any topic of interest to NSDAR members are welcome! Dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Bartlett. Anyone who has difficulty joining the group should message an administrator and include their national number.

This site is a forum for Registrars, Regents and any Member of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution. Questions or comments on any DAR related topic are welcome. We do ask that your statements are positive, respectful, polite and helpful.

Only women who are verified as members of NSDAR will be admitted to site and posting using a pseudonym is not permitted.

Our focus is to help members or to ask for help, on any Prospective Member’s application or a supplemental application for a DAR member, even your own supplemental application. You may ask any procedural question to help you with the application form process, or questions on submitting the application. Questions on researching for a particular place to find records, or any other question that you need help with such as, have written letter, conducting workshops, or you may just volunteer helpful hints you have come across, etc. We hope that all of us gain knowledge, in this process.

“The National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in 1890 to promote patriotism, preserve American history, and support better education for our nation’s children.”

This website is not a NSDAR sanctioned site. It is a site for many Daughters of the American Revolution members who want to have a place to ask for help on any application or to be able to help other members with an application. Remember, that the opinions on this site, by our members are just that, their opinions, although these members are very knowledgeable. Depending on your question, you may want to contact the NSDAR website at or your own state site.

This space is intended to be a forum for respectful discussion. Our page administrators reserve the right to remove any posts that are discriminatory, abusive, combative, political, inappropriate or inflammatory, and/or those that are in conflict with DAR National Policies. We also reserve the right to block users who repeatedly post such comments.