DAR Supplemental Support Volunteer Team

*Active DAR membership is required for group members*

We are the ones. DAR members addicted to genealogical research. Climbing brick walls... our own and others'... up till o'dark thirty time and again. We don't give up. We never put all our research files away. We know we'll find each other in the Library or NARA during Continental Congress.

If you have a question about submitting a supplemental paper, taking GEP courses, the difference between the GC, VFG, and VG pins... we know the answer. We help each other learn and become better researchers. And we commiserate. And celebrate! And talk about pins, and other lineage societies we're researching for, and conferences we're attending, and classes we're taking... and we get together whenever we can find an excuse!

We have GREAT, incredibly-helpful group files and photos. GO LOOK.
You'll learn by searching through old posts for topics you're interested in.


~Be NICE or leave. Zero tolerance for mean comments here. Seriously. We delete them as fast as we find them.

~Any research question for ANY lineage society is on topic... we just CANNOT share information on this Facebook Group wall from anywhere in this DAR GRS database: http://services.dar.org/members/DAR_Research/Search/
You come here for expertise, brainstorming, help with your research process... but not look-ups in the database :)

~Any genealogical or lineage-society conference or course or event you'd like to share with the group? Great! Please create a group event. (See above about any excuse to get together)


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