Dhaka College English Club

It is a Community of the people who Study and teach at Dhaka College, Dhaka as well as interested students from other Universities. Everyone should feel free to disclose their problems regarding English language.wish you all the best ♥♥♥

Website: www.DCEC2013.blogspot.com
Our official page: www.facebook.com/DCEC2013

We are green, we are indomitable. (আমরা তরুন, আমরা অদম্য্।)

i. Creating facilities for its members to improve their communication skills in English
ii. Nourishing a sense of leadership, team spirit, cooperation and voluntary services among the members which will help them better perform in their career in future
iii. Cultivating a sense of social and ethical responsibilities and
iv. Building a better image of the college through positive activities

The Products:
Students’ output will take the form of
• Oral presentations
• Mini talks
• Written Reports
• Projects
• Free hand writing

Poetry, Essay, Drama, lessons and so on.
On Digital platform: www.DCEC2013.blogspot.com
Our Magazine: Every 3 months.

The programs:
• Talent Hunting Program includes:
a. Poetry
b. Singing
c. Public Speaking
d. Debating
e. Short Story Writing
• - Weekly language sessions
- Get together with the students of other universities
-Warm clothe distribution among the destitute at Dhaka city during winter
- Movie shows
- Stage drama shows
- Blood donation Program
- Facebook Fan Club
• Rest are under discussion

- Workshops on Career Planning
- Workshops on Presentation Skills
-Workshop on Communicative English
-Workshop on Phonetics
- Freshman Reception
- Bashanto Utsab

The club’s Principles:
Active participation
• Regular attendance of meetings
• Respect of the club's basics
• Cooperation
• Contribution

How to Join the Club:
Students of Dhaka College can join the club anytime around the year. They need to collect an application form from the seminar of English Department. The completed application forms with a passport size photograph, photocopy of college ID card or admission money receipt and taka Two hundred and fifty as registration fee and 3 months subscription fee should be submitted to the club treasurer. Individual will have to know his blood group before submitting form. The advisor will provide them membership numbers.