Disney College Program Trading Post.

This group is used to help Disney CPs, ICPs, and Cast Members Buy, Sell, and Trade a plethora of items. Spread the word and add your roomies and friends!

If you have an item for sale, please include what the item is, how much you want for it, and where to pick it up. A picture always helps, as well as other pertinent details about the item. ONCE YOUR ITEM HAS SOLD, PLEASE DELETE THE POST OR PICTURE!

You can also post for your "In Search Of" (ISO) items. You can add a note to say how much you're willing to pay to help a potential seller offer something to you! Once you find the item you are ISO, please delete your post.

Sometimes notifications on the group can be overwhelming. You can always turn them off by clicking "Notifications" and then click "Off". If you no longer are in the Orlando area or do not wish to be a part of the group, you can click the little gear symbol and click "Leave Group".

Please DO NOT attempt to buy, sell, or trade any Main Entrance Pass privileges or items that we get from the Family Holiday Celebration booklet. These are items we receive as a perk for being Cast Members. It is against company policy to buy, sell, or trade these items.

Please DO NOT Post Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards for sale here. You can post trades, but no sales. Thanks.

Please remember - this is a BUYER & SELLER BEWARE type of site. The admins are not responsible for any transactions, nor will we get in the middle of any conflicts that arise from any sales or trades made within this group. If you have any questions, please let one of the admins know (Christina Perry or Kate Leigh)