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***(ALL NEW MEMBERS MUST READ)**This group is about THE WALKING DEAD TV show& Comic may contain *SPOILERS* if you have a SPOILER PLEASE ADD SPOILER ALERT ON YOUR POSTING! (NO SPOILER PICTURES AT ALL)!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS GROUP IS FOR THE WALKING DEAD and Anything else that has to do with ZOMBIES/WALKERS. DO NOT INSULT OTHER MEMBERS EVERYONE HAS THERE OWN OPINION. We don't Tolerate Bullying AT ALL,NO RACISM and NO instigating other members into a argument or YOU WILL BE BANNED!!! WE DO NOT GIVE WARNINGS SO CONSIDER THIS YOUR WARNING! (WE GET A LOT OF THE SAME POST OVER AND OVER IN THIS GROUP SO WE MAY DELETE CERTAIN POST, PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED OR TAKE IT PERSONALLY IF YOUR POST IS DELETED WE JUST TRY TO KEEP THE NEWS FEED FRESH) if there is a problem don't feed into it ,Tag me Enrique Santana, and i will get on it asap Assuming im not already watching,(The best way to get my attention is to REPORT the post Immediately i get the report right away and all reports are anonymous!!! If a New fan of the show/comic JOINS THIS GROUP and they ask a question that you feel as a fan they should know the answer to Don't harass them !!!!! Help them! They are new which means someone like us told them about the show/comic or even put them on to zombies in general and they are interested WE are all here for the same reason OUR LOVE FOR THE WALKING DEAD! ALSO ON SHOW NIGHT ALL SPOILERS ARE WELCOME YOU (DO NOT) HAVE TO POST A SPOILER ALERT ON SHOW NIGHT (meaning don't post spoilers about whats to come but feel free to post what just happened on show nights episode)!!!!!!!!! ALL in ALL this is a Great group worth being a part of with THOUSANDS of Great people! WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN, DISCUSS, DEBATE, AND EXPRESS OURSELVES! WE DO CONTEST,TRIVIA QUESTIONS,RAFFLES ! AND MUCH MUCH MORE! CLICK ON THE (EVENT) TAB UP TOP TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! ENJOY AND HAVE FUN -Enrique , IF YOU WANT A GROUP T-SHIRT CLICK HERE--> http://www.dorktees.com/ewd ALSO-this is the proper way to post a *****spoiler alert*****------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the proper way to post a spoiler alert !!!!!!