DIY Dharma is a Vancouver-based Buddhist-ish meditation group, but the people who have been members for several years are all from different Buddhist traditions, and some really value secular practice; and so we're certainly not affiliated with any particular lineage within Buddhism.

This facebook group is for: (1) announcements about physical get-togethers held by DIY Dharma in Vancouver, (2) announcements about other local meditation-related or social events, (3) useful or informative things specifically related to meditation. Inspiring quotes or funny comics are okay in moderation. Spam or advertisements for really irrelevant things will be deleted without warning. Other stuff (veganism or vegetarianism, inter-faith dialogue, the ethical treatment of animals, or environmentalism) may be valid parts of many people's spiritual practice, but we prefer that this group be kept pretty focussed on meditation practice.

To make this group a helpful part of our meditation practice, we have collectively set the intention to practice wise speech: making an effort to communicate things that are true, useful, timely, and kindly meant. Kind intentions are harder to gauge in text-only media like this one, so wise facebooking means being extra careful to avoid name-calling and generalizations.