D.I.Y. Photo Booth Idea Sharing

This group created Oct. 12, 2014. We are based off an idea I was sharing with a follow DJ friend Lance and I though it would be a great idea to have a place where DIY Booth guys and ladies could come together and share their idea with things they have made for their booth or how they went about building their own booth. Share tips on how to make your business successful and ways to make your business grown without spending a ton of money. Feel free to share your ideas after all that's what this group is for. Not for you to just sit in here and just be in another group let's be interactive people. Remember bashing someone will get you removed with no warning. Thats just how it goes in DIY Photo Booths no one has time for negativity. Thanks for joining looking forward to seeing what everyone has to offer to the group.

D.I.Y. Photo Booths Idea Sharing is hear for the DIY person to come and share their ideas and ask questions about whatever they may related to Photo Booths. We all know DIY is a good way to start out we are hear to help each other in our build in any way we can. This groups is more then Just booths, we take in to account graphic, props, and anything that makes your booth a booth.

Rules of D.I.Y. Photo Booths Idea Sharing
1. Post about anything that deals with booths ei. Printers, graphics
2. Share real ideas.
3. No downing others in the group. (That will get you deleted with no warning)
4. If you have something to say that helps others by all means share it.
5. Just help each other.
6. If you plan to sale something just post a picture and have people inbox you for more information. Do not want this group turning into a sales ad.
7. The group is not liable for anything you buy from any member in the group. That is between you and the person you bought from.

We are grateful each of you guys wanted to be apart of this group. Just keep in mind "Be helpful."