Defenders For Children
Did you know that 1 out of 3 Girls ...and 1 out of 6 boys are at risk of being sexually abused? Did you know that 5 to 7 children die everyday. Over 6 million children are involved in child abuse cases every year.

It Starts With ONE Child.

Child Abuse puts a child at risk: Repeat the abuse, domestic abuse, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, fatherless children, gangs, bullying, sex trafficking, sexual activity, mental health issues, pornograhpy, poverty, divorce, abortion, rape and more.

Defenders for Children was founded to fill a void...or should we say, voids. Organizations and service providers in the upstate are are under-staffed, under-funded and over-loaded.

By joining Defenders for Children, you will have a voice in the future of the organization. You will be an integral part of our growth and direction.

We are seeking leaders in our community who want to empower those people who cannot defend themselves, our children. Find your voice. Give back. And give our children the opportunity to be heard.

Identifying the needs in our community and educating, mobilizing, and empowering our citizens to make a positive change in the lives of our children is the us reach it.

We are accomplishing our mission through Social Media, Social Events, Public Service Announcements & Commercials along with Heavy Marketing about Child Abuse, Parenting & Protecting our children.

Projects: Cast Against Abuse, One Step Stronger - Teens Helping Teens, Blankets of Hope, Video and Production, Childs Voice America, & Community Outreach to encourage adoption, fostering, mentoring and Guardian ad Litem. Each project creates opportunities for Adults & Teens to become involved in protecting the future of our Children and our Country. We must join together to make a difference! - Teens Helping Teens..
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