Denver Area Nanny Association (DANA)

This FB group is an extension of our DANA yahoo group. If you are a Denver area Nanny, please join us at [email protected]
MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide personal and professional support to nannies of all ages and experience levels. This includes providing a structure in which nannies can discuss topics of interest, brainstorm current problems, network, socialize and generally make friends and help each other deal with nanny-related issues. It also includes orienting nannies new to the area and connecting them to nannies in their neighborhood, helping connect nannies to additional resources, and providing educational workshops for nannies. We update nannies about local and national nanny social networking groups, blogs, boards, and organizations. We feel that people who are working as nannies, either as a career or as a temporary job, need the opportunity to tap into the perspective and experience of other people who do the same work.
DENVER AREA NANNY ASSOCIATION IS FOR NANNIES ONLY. Membership is open to all nannies regardless of experience level.