Deviant Behavior (NYC Punk)

Pat Pervert-Vocals
Kaya Chaos-Vocals
Elena Hell on Earth-Vocals
... Erika America-Guitar
Johnny Boy Ballentine-Bass
Matt Mayhem-Drums

Deviant Behavior came to be, in Thompkins Square Park in New York City in the summer of 1995. When Pat Pervert and Kaya Chaos met it was the beginning of six years of hard driving punk rock fueled by their aggressive natures and their desires to make some good, dirty, hard core political punk.

In 1999, DB headed to the Egyptian Room Recording Studio in New Orleans to record "The Guiliani Years". The album was released in 1999 and was a reflection of not only the angst felt by these deviants during Rudi Guiliani’s reign of terror in New York City but an outcry of disgust for the gentrifcation in the Lower East Side. Deviant came to say a big FU*K you to Rudi’s concept of “Quality of life”. For Deviant Behavior punk rock wasn’t just a sound, but a way of life. They have caused riots with their shows from NY to LA and have had the pleasure of sharing a stage with such bands as Murphy's Law, Bad Brains, Agnostic Front, Vice Squad, The Business and many more....

Deviant Behavior played their last show at Don Hills on September 9, 2001. After that they disbanded. They are currently organizing a reunion show in NYC, venue and date tba.