Dinuba 559 Buy Sell & Trade Electronics

Read Before You Post
559, Buy Sell and Trade Electronics,Dinuba is a group for people that are from or live close to Dinuba who would want to sell or trade mainly for any electronic items. Other things too could be sold but ask first if its okay. Read the rules that are posted. We have a few rules on our guideline to follow. Thanks for joining the group be safe :) Any questions let admins know :) Jose Z. Saldana, Eddie Gonzalez, Adrian Garcia, Ramon Alcala & Jason Tovar. [email protected]

1. No multiple item listings of the same item. Provide any item defects information and pictures (mandatory) of the item selling or trading. (Any post that doesn't follow our guidelines could be or will be deleted with no warning:)

2. No pets are allowed to be posted on this group all pet posts are to be posted on the https://www.facebook.com/groups/Dinuba559PetsLostBuySellorTrade/

3. No fireworks (they can only be sold in July) or any type of illegal item or illegal fireworks is not allowed to be posted. ( This will get you either a warning or get you banned and deleted off the group.)

4.No weapons (guns) and ammunition are not allowed to be posted for sale. ( If you have any questions on what you could post let us know.)

5. Provide a either a manufacture or accurate description of the item you intend to sell or trade, prices of each item for sale has to be posted (mandatory). ( eBay links of the item being sold could be also posted up)

6. Provide a couple pictures of the item in question ( pictures are mandatory).

7. No stealing business from others ( your post will be deleted with no warnings)

8. Always meet in an area that is surrounded by people! ( Safety for Members)

9. Admins are not responsible for anything being traded or sold.

10. If an item is sold or no longer available post it up as such! You can either leave the posting available or delete it when transactions are done.

11. No foul language or any racist remarks please. ( This will not be tolerated, this will get you removed from the group)