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Extremely Important!
If you want to know the real world news watch
They show the real world news not like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and CNN which block most world news. Aljazeera shows live world news and information in English, thanks to the British Government.
Aljazeera is not allowed in the USA. However, with the use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) You can watch Aljazeera live. The best world news on earth. VPN software is free. I use Strong VPN which I pay $7.00 a month for. That is my choice however, many VPN software’s are free.
If you are intelligent and really want to know the real world news then watch Aljazeera. You have to select Mexico as your VPN location in order to see Aljazeera. It’s very simple. See the real world news that you are denied as an American. You will be surprised.