Doreen Community Voice

DCV is for the Doreen community only. Please ask to join if you have an interest in Doreen, ie. reside here, have children attend childcare, kinder or school, you own a business or are an employee, or you have committed to buy (contract of sale) in Doreen.

All new members to this CLOSED GROUP are requested to introduce yourself to the group, by way of wall post. New members MUST make this wall post within one week otherwise they WILL BE deleted from the group. It is a requirement that members be at least 18 years of age.

Opinions that are expressed in this forum are member's own opinions and as such, Doreen Community Voice, it's representatives and it's administrators take no responsibility or liability for them.

Please do not slander or defame any businesses, Zero tolerance for personal threats, on any DCV member or member of the greater Doreen community. Members not adhering to these guidelines will be removed ASAP.

Strictly no advertising of local businesses or selling of items please - head over to Doreen Buy, Swap and Sell for items or Doreen Community Business Page for local businesses.

No shilling - A shill is an owner, employee or associate of a seller of products or services who pretends (or purposefully omits) any association with the product or service, while pretending to be a satisfied customer or interested bystander. People who omit an association with a product or service for other reasons (they're paid to post about it, they're helping a friend, etc.) so that they can help promote it are also shills. Your account will be removed from the forum immediately.
Any post detracting from the intent of DCV and may diminish DCV’s standing will be removed.
All members need to be aware that we have many diverse members on DCV, not just members of the public.
We have, Police Officers, Local council members, Journalists, business owners, local school teachers, pensioners, and new Doreen residents, all gauging their opinions of our community on this page, and it’s posts, bear this in mind the next time you post a comment!!!!

This is a group for local people to voice opinions and be heard but we do not want any fights or arguments in here.

Admin are: Kate Finlay, Nicole McLeish & Julie Austin-Buckingham

The following Facebook pages and groups have been created for your use please see below.

- (Buy swap & sell)
- (Business Page)
- (Whats For Dinner?)
- (Lost animals)