Dr. Charles, Coach MD Live Your Everyday Extraordinary Group

What gets people sick and what keeps us well is one in the same: the ability to manage the challenges of everyday life. That's why, as a doctor, I have made it my purpose to get to the core of illness and health and address these challenges. Come join this group so we can help each other break the shackles of what may be holding you back, whether it be money, health, or relationship issues or something else. The majority of these challenges stem from our automatic reflexes caused by the way we have stored what I call danger memories. We learn what is going to be dangerous to us as adults, mostly between birth and adolescence. Once you realize this is what makes up your primitive nature, you are then in a better position to unleash the power of your mind. This then exposes your divine nature the source of which allows you to take action, in other words, get things done; thus, activating what I call the law of revelation, or what you have learned as the law of attraction. Let’s explore, in this group, just how to do that and LIVE YOUR EVERYDAY EXTRAORDINARY!