Watertown Online Yard Sale

WATERTOWN, WISCONSIN and surrounding communities in Jefferson County. This is a BUYING/SELLING group. No trades and no requests for free items.

• Your ad will be kept on the page for 60 days. Members MUST delete their own posts of sold items, expired rummages and sales.


~ The sale of pets is strictly prohibited! Finding a new home for a pet, for FREE is allowed. REHOMING FEES ARE NOT ALLOWED. It's a pet owner's responsibility to control their animal population and to use discretion when rehoming their pet/s.

• NO offensive material/illegal items being sold. NO FIREARMS. NO cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, romance items, used pregnancy tests, used beauty items, etc.

• NO EXPIRED FOOD, BABY FORMULA, CAR SEATS, DROP DOWN CRIBS - or BLOOD STAINED ANYTHING. See Furniture file if buying/selling furniture.

• Use your own discretion when buying/selling. Admins have no control over direct sales, this group is a means of advertising for sale items only.

• ZERO TOLERANCE for rudeness or harassing members & admin.

• Admin has all rights on deleting anyone that doesn't follow these rules.


• When you see an item you want, please post "INTERESTED" or "possibly interested" and ask any questions about the item(s) you'd like answered. Tagging another person does not hold their place in line. First to comment gets first dibs, and then down the line. YOU MUST PICK UP WITHIN 48 HOURS (2 business days) from posting interested, or from notice that it is your turn.

• Contact the seller to arrange for payment and pick up. Make sure you pick up and pay for items that you have offered to buy IN CASH! Offering less for an item after agreement of sale IS PROHIBITED.

• Be courteous to other buyers. DO NOT offer more then the seller is asking to get it before the first person that asked for it.


• When posting you MUST put asking price, size, location, etc in the description. You MAY state price and "or offer" Photos with no information or no price will be deleted.

• If more than 5 items for sale in one day, an album MUST BE created. If you have to "bump" your item keep to a minimal - every 48 hours. Do this by just commenting on it.. NO MORE THAN 5 BUMPS per 48 hours. Lowering prices is not considered a bump.

• PHONES/TABLETS: Use facebook mobile help, google, or your phone/tablet store associate and ask to learn how to use facebook. Admins are not phone techs.

• Answer first buyers questions before selling to the next person. No response from buyer after 12 hours - move on to the next person. You do not have to hold an item more than 48 hours (2 business days).

This group administers rules to keep the page drama-free, and fairness to all. Members who create drama will be banned.