Second Hand Dubai (UAE)

Members under 18 will be banned

A group to connect people looking to sell or buy second hand products in the UAE. All accounts from outside of the UAE will be blocked. This group is reserved for UAE sellers and buyers only.

The group admins are not accountable for the authenticity of the posts or their owners credibility or honesty. We do our best to identify scammers & spammers & block them but beware of suspicious posts. As a rule of thumb, do not ever give your bank account details or any personal information to anyone online. Do not wire any money to anyone either. Make sure you check the items you are planning to purchase in person (do not rely on the description posted here) as the group or the admins cannot guarantee returns or refunds. The group admins cannot guarantee & will not be held responsible for the state, quality or other features of the items advertised or sold. It is the buyer's responsibility to check everything before making a purchase.

Selling/buying animals is categorically prohibited on this group.

Reselling unauthorized items is prohibited. It is illegal to resell vouchers, sim cards, etc. Please refrain from selling items if the UAE law prohibits reselling them.

Promoting charities is prohibited. Many have been spamming the page & we cannot make exceptions to be fair to everyone.

PLEASE REPORT TO US ANY SUSPICIOUS MEMBER (fake account, spammers, etc.) Admins do check for spams & fake posts/accounts but if you spot one, do not hesitate to let us know AND REPORT THEM as some spammers have mastered the skill to block group admins, which means we cannot see them or their posts. Your help in keeping this group "clean" is highly appreciated!

No political/religious statements allowed.

Foul language, insults or libel will not be tolerated. Please keep the posts/comments respectful to all.

This group is NOT a dating or match making site. Do NOT approach other members for such matters. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED. We have zero tolerance for harassment, sexual and/or otherwise, and we will report all abuses to Facebook. Dubai has strict cyber-laws. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. You can and you should REPORT ANY HARASSMENT to Dubai Police.

TO BE SAFE please do not share specific addresses (home or office) publicly. Mention the area you live in but do not give building names, apartment/villa numbers. Do not share your phone number. When serious buyers approach you, ask them to send you a private message then share your info in private, when the negotiations are completed & you are ready to make a sell.

No adverts allowed so any post that promotes pages,brands,products, etc. will be deleted to make room for second-hand items.

Duplicate posts will be deleted. Please do not spam the group. You can always go back to your initial post & type a comment under it to have it bumped to the top of the page.

After you sell your items please delete the post.

Thank you & happy buying/selling!