World of Warcraft - Duskwood Server

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A group for WoW players on the Bloodhoof & Duskwood merged realm. All are welcome - Horde or Alliance alike; all classes and all levels.

NOTE: Unfortunately we couldn't change the group name when the merge happened, but this group IS intended for both Bloodhoof & Duskwood players!


1. We're all real people behind the screens & keyboards here. Be thoughtful of others in the group.
2. Selling or soliciting other groups, people, surveys, gold, accounts or any other goods or services which would be in violation of the World of Warcraft EULA is not permitted.
3. Stay on topic - this is a WoW/Blizzard community, not somewhere to post your bathroom selfies! Discussions, pictures, and statements not relevant to that will be removed.
4. Malicious trolling or any kind of hate speech will NOT be tolerated.
5. If you dish it out, you better be able to take it in return. If you act like an idiot you're probably going to get mocked, but it's all in good fun!
6. Guild recruitment is encouraged. Keep your advertisements interesting and don't spam them!
7. Keep your guild drama to your own page, we really, REALLY don't care about it here. Nobody's got enough popcorn to keep up with all that!
8. Anything else the admins of the page might see as unfit can be removed without notice.
9. We respect all languages, but let's try and keep posts in English to make it easy for everyone.

Any abusive posts will be reported to Facebook and you will be banned.
If you advertise any paid WoW services, you will be banned. No exceptions.