E Entities Fan/War Page

On an extended Holiday with |§| Sɭɑƴɛɼs Sƴŋɗɪʗɑʈɛ...& defending against More Politics Less Fighting who declared war on us for hitting their kami's http://prntscr.com/4gsvrj & an assorted array of others who they whined to and can drag into this just to take the hits for them... if you de-tag just email one of the page admin's this wall is not the place for it.
No talks till Christmas... HO HO HO :P

E Entities "White Tags ♂ or ♀ ." (Just for the Idiots who say we have helpers wkwkwkwkwkwkwk )

Please post your ices here of our members, we don't care who else you are icing, please USE YOUR OWN WALL!
If you unable to follow these simple rules you will be removed or banned!

You MUST have a MW account at least level 2000 and have at least one 1 mutual already in the group to be an approved member of this page if not you will be banned.
- No double posting
- The first sign of drama your gone!
- English only
- No spam
- No "Add me" requests
- No personal links of ANY kind
- No personal attacks / foul language / vulgarity

If you need to discuss anything our wall is not the place for it, email who started hitting you or who ever posted the drive-by pic.

E Entities is NOT recruiting... by invite only!

All avatars are done by https://www.facebook.com/groups/AvatarDeesZigns/