Big Welcome to be in the Group.

This Group is created mainly to... those who love to venture into eating Food and also share anything regarding about Food.

Examples :-
1) Share the delicious food which u have tasted with other members.
2) Photography on Food.
3) Home Cooking.
4) Update of Street Hawkers / Restaurants.
5) Where to eat.
6) Create Events to Eat Out together with the Members/Food Tour.
and etc.

Note :-
1) Please do not post anything which are not related to Food.
2) No posting of Status / Statements. Enquiry for help is allowed.
3) All postings regarding food must be attached with pictures.
4) All postings must have captions.
5) No politics.
Your kind cooperation will be much appreciated.

Those with Fake Facebook Accounts, wish to join this Group, kindly leave and find a better place to join because I am not going to approve it.

If any members commited HARASSMENT to other members, I will not hesitate to remove him/her immediately.

I hope you will enjoy your stay in this Group.

Have a pleasant day. :-)

Thank you.

With Best Regards,
Sam Ong @ Eat Out
Mity Visionz
(Admins of EAT OUT with Sam)