ECFSS (East County Families Swap & Sale)

A place for East County Families to swap and sell household items.

I would like everyone to take a few minutes to go over the rules and expectations for ECFSS. Please type “agree” in the comment section so that I know you have read them and agreed to uphold the rules.

This is meant to be a fun group where we can buy and sell our used items. Be cordial. Anyone who starts "trouble" or breaks the rules will... be removed from the group at the discretion of the Admin-no questions asked.


1. EVERY item must include PRICE, SIZE, LOCATION and CONDITION of the item (i.e. any stains, holes, ect.), Please be honest and accurate. This is VERY important!

2. All members must create an Album to upload the photos into. You can do this from a computer/laptop by going to the top of the group page and clicking on the PHOTOS tab, Add Photos, then re-name the album with your name and location. Only ONE album is allowed per seller.

3. To buy an item comment “interested” and follow up with the seller to make pickup arrangements. Sellers, please allow the interested buyer at least 12 hours to respond. (Some members work and life gets busy!).

4. Multiple interested buyers: The item should go to the first person who says they are interested in buying. If you are interested in the item but someone has already claimed it, please say something along the lines of: I am also interested if the first person passes. If you need more details, but are pretty sure you want the item, make sure you include the word INTERESTED in your comment.

5. Do not sell items that have been bought on this group page for a higher price on this group page If an item you bought on here does not fit or is not working out, please sell it for the same price! And DO NOT sell items you have received from Freecycle (that is just wrong).

6. When posting items, if you have more than FIVE (5) items to post at a time, put them in an album. This will keep the board uncluttered and make it easier for people to find posts.

7. Do NOT bump more than 5 individual photos within a 24hour time period, be fair to others... we are all trying to sell our stuff. Albums may be bumped once a day.

8. Please delete SOLD items. This is VERY important and will help keep the board clean and full of available items!

9. Please honor all commitments to purchase items you select. If you change your mind please be honest with the seller so they can re-list it. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group without notice.

10. From now on someone tagging another person in a post no longer gives them 1st dibs on the item. You can still tag anyone you want in order to give them a heads up, but it will no longer put them in line as “interested. If you were tagged in a post and are interested in purchasing the item, please type “interested” to get in line.

11. Everyone is welcome to refer new members to this group. Before they can be approved they will need to “like” our fan page. and AGREE to the rules of the group!

12. If you have a problem with a buyer/seller etc., please first try to resolve the issue via PM between the parties. **DO NOT POST ON THE BOARD ABOUT IT** Admin is available to step in ONLY if satisfaction cannot be reached via PM.

13. Please do not post links to other websites, contests, referrals, etc. here. We are trying our best to keep this board "clean".

14. If you are interested in promoting/advertising your business on this page, please contact the Admin.

Members may be removed/banned from ECFSS if the Admin feels the need to do so.

**The admins. of this group are NOT responsible for any of the dealings in this group. Do not give your contact information until somebody is ready to buy and do it thru PM's. It's up to you to Buy and sell safely! Please note: EAST COUNTY FAMILIES SWAP AND SALE and the administrators of this group are not responsible for ANY product sold on this site. All buyers/sellers must educate themselves on any product bought or sold, any injury or illness caused to members from items purchased on this site are not the responsibility of the administrators or the site itself.*

Last but not least, please be considerate/respectful to all members of this group. If you have any problems/questions please feel free to message me or email me directly at [email protected]