ECMSG Pre-Loved Sales

This CLOSED group is part of the East Coast Mums Support Group (ECMSG) and is for the sale and purchase of preloved goods. Want-to-buy, joint bulk buys and garage sales can all be listed here.

Please read our house rules in the pinned post before posting. POSTS NOT FOLLOWING OUR RULES WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING.

No items related to businesses (even home businesses) may be sold in this group. No clearance of stock items. No bulk sales (more than 3 of the same item). No commercial sales of any kind.

Buyers and sellers are expected treat each other with the same courtesy that they would expect themselves. Please honor your commitments on price, appointments and condition of goods.

Buyers - the onus is on you to ensure that what you are buying works and that you are happy with the condition before paying. Sellers - please state the condition and any flaws in your items honestly. Anyone found to be dealing unethically will be banned permanently from this group.

The Admin Team do not and will not get involved in any disputes between members. However, if we receive repeated complaints about a member, we will permanently ban them from this group.

If you are a seller, please check your "others" folder from the web version of Facebook as it's not visible on the mobile app. Any pm about your sale item will turn up in the "others" folder.

If you have technical questions about how to post on Facebook or how to create an album please google it or use the FAQs on Facebook to find the answers.