EDM Producers (Dubstep Included)

Owner [Kyle Tweedie]
Head of Admin [Michael Tury & Albin Hultman]

Post Your Music. Invite your friends. RESPECT OTHERS.
1. Respect your fellow producers.

2. Swearing and Trolling is perfectly fine depending on how you use it or do it.

3. Feedback is great to help out artists on how to improve if you love the track let them know that you love the track. If you think it could use some work you can be blunt but be respectful and give some information on how to improve it. If you hate the track and have nothing good to say or any helpful information, don't comment. If you’re disregarding this rule, this could result in a warning or ban.

4.Don't spam. Like I said in an earlier post after we have enough people I will create a forum. The forum will have certain areas such as FLP's, Tuts and other sections. The other sections are where you can go ape shit and post about what ever you want. But on this group try to keep it to producing! At the rate we are getting people the Forums will be up soon!

5. If someone give you blunt feedback on what needs to be done or improved a simple thank you is good. Please don't overreact and start saying he/she does not know what their talking about.
I created this page due to all the hate I've been seeing on social media lately. I've also received some "lovely" feedback. So I created this group where we can respect and help each other achieve our dreams.
We work on our admin system!We mainly look at the people who give the best help and feedback and contribute the most to get them in the admin team.

6. We allow Constructive arguing/Debating on a Debating topic. Any other form of Arguing or just senseless swearing will result in a warning.After three warnings about unnecessary Arguing you will be Banned.

7.Advertising for off-topic stuff or for other groups is strictly forbidden. You will be banned for it. However, If you truly believe that the group can help others in a way we can not or if it offers something "Special" such as free samples and so on you can request for it to be posted by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]

8. Discussion on styles/genres is not accepted as Of 13 July 2014. It is not a topic for discussion. We will delete the post after 24 Hours or before and give a Official Warning.

Yes we ban people who don't obey our rules!
1. Warning
2. Ban with ability to Appeal
3. Permanent Ban

We select admins every time we get a large amount of members. If you think you are good enough to be an admin now and if you have any ideas for the group just hit the owner of the group or the controlling admin up with a message
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Enjoy everyone!

As explained in his post from 29.11.2014, Kyle left the Music Industry. He’s still the owner of the group and an admin, but he’s focused on game development now. So, if you have any questions , just message me. I’m always up for new ideas. Enjoy this group!