To all the EVS-travellers!

You want to travel cheap? You want to stay with friends? You are a volunteer abroad and want to meet other volunteers or ex-EVS-people? Or you just have an empty and lonely couch at home and want someone to stay there?
Then that's the right group for you!
This is a platform where you can find EVS-people who are glad to offer you a place to crash, show you around and help you with your journey and stay abroad.

What you have to do now?
(1) You have a nice place and want to share it:
Open the document called "Offering", edit it and enter your country, city, name and any other details you think are important.
(2) You are searching for a place to stay:
Check the "Offering" list to see if somebody has a place for you at your destination and write him/her a message. If there are no offerings in that city yet, make a post on the wall and ask for a place in or near your desired city.

Travel cheap. Make new friends. Enjoy your journey!

This group is mainly intended for couch requests/offers. If you have anything else to post, please first consider if it's really important and especially if it's relevant for the EVS community. Multiple posts advertising anything non-couch related will be deleted, so that the group page won't get cluttered with spam. If necessary, please use the old post for updates.

ATTENTION: This side is mainly for EVS-volunteers or ex-volunteers!