EightyAce Hip Hop Network

Welcome to the EightyAce Hip Hop Network: This group is for everyone active in Utah's Hip Hop scene to communicate better. The main purpose is to get everyone working together as a team to ultimately become more productive & efficient on each others respected grinds. Everyone talks about UNITY out here well here is your opportunity to show it.

If you need anything feel free to post it up on here & see if anybody can help you with what you need. Communication is the key.

If you have a new track you want to debut simply post the link encouraging others to lend their ears to it and give you their honest feedback. (BUT if you cannot handle constructive criticism from others then don't share your music up on here)

Most importantly: Please use your common sense & common courtesy when dealing with others. Simple treat others as you would prefer to be treated.

Only 5 simple rules to follow:
1-No Beef
2-No Nonsense
3-No Drama
4-No Getting BUTTHURT
5-No Illegal Activities

I created this Facebook group back in 2011 inviting a lil over 200 people that I felt needed to all get to know one another more with a vision and genuine hope that this could indeed help Utah's Hip Hop scene develop into an industry throughout the upcoming years & beyond. Now 3 years later this group consists of over 1,100 members who consistently display mutual respect for each others craft. Well that is a start people.. let's keep it up and promote UNITY strong out here because it is only a matter of time until the world embraces the talent Utah has to offer.

( ( ( EightyAce STAND UP ) ) )