El Dorado Community Exchanges

Members can vote here on the ED Community Exchange of El Dorado County. Find treasures, make deals, sell or trade, meet our locals. We have a fun, friendly, generous, and lively group here on our page. Come and join us!


Vote #1: Who would like to implement a rule of 5 or more like items must be posted as an album?" Most votes: No, I have no problem with how posts are currently placed.

Vote #2: Would you agree that we should ALL handle sold posts clearly by commenting SOLD and give the opportunity for admin to remove the post when the SELLER can't?
Most votes: Yes that should help to clear up the sold posts.

Vote #3: Would you like to implement a rule of 10 OR MORE LIKE ITEMS to be in either an ALBUM OR COLLAGE FORMAT to make viewing for all simplified?
[For example 10 different pairs of shoes for sale by the same person]
Most votes: Yes, I think that would be great. Change it to make viewing easier and neater.