The use of EMDR to work with trauma is remarkable. There are many therapists who work all over the world to take away the traumas associated with warfare, terrorism, childhood abuse, and many other types of incidents. This group is a forum for clients and clinicians to come together to discuss EMDR, learn, and teach. Feel free to ask questions, give answers, and share personal views on EMDR.


**This is not a support group**
Though we are here to answer questions and have discussions about EMDR, this is not a support group for your individual therapy experiences. Please keep posts limited to subjects pertaining to EMDR. Posting about personal experiences that you wish to get feedback on is OK, so long as it is EMDR related.

Please keep status updates in this group to an informative/academic nature. Posting about an EMDR experience to gain feedback is perfectly fine. However, just randomly posting about going for EMDR, therapy, et cetera is more appropriate for a support group setting. As of right now I am not aware of EMDR support groups on Facebook. If one becomes available I will gladly refer those seeking support to that page.

Respect is essential in dealing with others. Anyone found to be directly targeting others (nasty comments, inappropriate language, derogatory slurs, etc) will be asked to stop. If the actions continue, said person will be blocked from the group.

All forms of EMDR are respected and encouraged. HOWEVER, anyone found to be promoting unsafe practices without disclaimers will be blocked IMMEDIATELY. This is a safe space and will not be jeopardized by potentially allowing others to undergo activities without proper knowledge. An example of this would be promoting self-processing (ie- use of an EMDR phone application without a professional) without explaining the dangers and potential problems (ie- unable to safely close out the session, triggering self harm behaviors, etc).

This group is open and will remain an open group due to the academic nature of this group. Everyone on your timeline can see what you post and it will show up in your groups on your profile. To adjust your profile settings for better privacy please go to the "privacy settings" tab on your Facebook and adjust appropriately.

Any posts not following these general guidelines shall be removed, regardless of comment thread or "likes" acquired.