EMSA Photography Club - Cairo

EMSA Photography Club ... is an OFFICIAL" EMSA" club working to give the chance for the photographers to develop their skills & express their ideas in a way that would creatively enrich the way " EMSA" is producing its impact in its surrounding community .

Uploading rules:
1- photographer can upload one pic daily.
2-photographer should has the copyrights of the pic.
4- criticism : please criticize the photo not the photographer.

EMSA Photography Club Activities:
1- Photographic outings either local or national outings .
2- Photographic lectures & Courses.
3- Photographic exhibitions
4- The club is responsible for covering all the EMSA events & Activities via photographic documentation .
5- Spread EMSA Vision & Mission.

Who can join ?
Anyone can Join EMSA Photography Club ... you are totally welcome.

How to join ?
please kindly check this link & apply for EMSA Photography Club

What's the advantages for being a member ?
1- The club helps you to attend different Outing, workshops , courses & exhibitions.
2- Participation at the annual exhibition for the club members .
3- The club gives you the chance to work as a volunteer with different NGO .

About EMSA :
The Egyptian Medical Students’ Association, EMSA for short, is a legally recognized Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), registered at the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs under license number 7167 for the year 2007 - Cairo.

It is the sole legal organization representing Egyptian medical students both inside and outside the Egyptian territories.

Our Vision:
"Empowered medical professionals leading impact."

Our Mission:
“To provide the suitable atmosphere for Egyptian healthcare Students to create those activities and involvements that would prepare future physicians and healthcare workers with enough skills, competences and broad mind to reshape the future of this country.”

For More Info about EMSA please visit our official website :


EMSA Photography Club previous activities:

1- Photography for charity exhibition.

The idea of this exhibition based on that the photographers ( 57 Photographer ) donated their photos to be sold & money was directed to treat cancer patients at Ayadi elmostakbel oncology center.
Photos from the exhibition:

2- AlexFest Photographic Activity:

In cooperation with AlexFest Fine arts committee & Rufy's art center , 6 outing at Alex ,2 lecture ( one at faculty of engineering ,other at BA ) & Exhibition at bibliotheca alexandrina

3- Weekly outing each Friday at Alexandria .

4- Elfayom photographic trip in cooperation with In focus group.

5- PhotoKids Photographic Course at TecknoKids center (Alex)