The end of fear project:

First of all we are made by energy; It is the field and the base that makes us alive. Intelligence, intellect, mind... are just qualities emerged from this field.

The 'End Of Fear' project is a global network, community and future foundation.
The structure of EOF project is:

a) An initiative and organisation/foundation aimed to promote activities focused on a non-therapeutic treatment of
depression, anxieties, perceptive fears and all consciousness's disorders. (SEE NOTE: ***)
b) A physical center, a co-working community, a real and virtual network entirely focused on human consciousness.
c) A co-working & co-creative landmark aimed to stimulate its ramification worldwide

What the EOF Project is not:

• EOF is not a political movement.
• It's not aimed to teach, nor to suggest to the members any doctrine, rules of new identities
• It doesn't want to promote a new 'lifestyle' nor it's against other 'lifestyles'.
• It's not a religious or spiritual movement or a sect.
• it's not a lucrative entity & initiative.
• it doesn't belong to some 'new age' vision of existence.
• it doesn't belong to any sectarian belief, religion or religious movement, and is not aimed to create new ones.
• EOF project is not a 'brain-washing', nor a 'spiritual school', nor a hierarchical structure.
• EOF Project doesn't promote spiritual beliefs.


The EOF project promotes consciousness and conscious philanthropy in terms of
psychological and social evolution and it promotes a deep, solid and advantageous inquiry on awareness.
EOF project has no masters, no hierarchies, no teachers, nor students, no gurus, no straight rules nor categories among those who are willing to join the project, to realize the benefits and to participate to the co-working and co-creation within the foundation.
EOF project wants to create the possibility to set up a co-working team (made by the participants and the staff working together), and to recreate and branch out the work, through its ramification all over the world, promoting consciousness in all its aspects and psycho-social sanity and integrity.

The foundation will find an end to psychological fear by eliminating psychological defective behaviours learned from social constructs.
By releasing our learned behaviour, conditioning's and the real roots of fear, the act of fearing will be gone

-Diego Kricek Fontanive-


'''What the EOF project is:'''
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