Exposed Photographic Challenges

Weekly Challenges will start from Sunday and finish Friday each week
* Weekly Challenges will start Sunday 7pm Qld time, 7pm Sydney time (EST) , & 5pm Perth time (WST) & 9am GMT
* All Entries must be submitted by 8pm Qld time, 8pm Sydney time (EST) & 6pm Perth time (WST) & 10am GMT on Friday.
* Any late entries will be deleted.
* One entry per person for each challenge.
* Please title all entries with the theme name and level..
* All images must be uploaded to the correct Album folder
* Any images not posted in these albums will not be counted and will be removed without warning.
* Our cover photo is selected by the amount of likes on the picture from each gold winning entry.
* All group members can vote on any images posted for the challenges.
* You can’t vote for your own image.
* You can’t share your post on other Facebook pages or timelines.
* Please DO NOT enter photos into a competition that has not been announced as open.
* We would also like to keep this group to an age of 18 years and older, there is plenty of other childrens pages to join, if we do find that you are younger you will be removed from the group without any questions.
Each challenge will have Four (4) levels of competition.
The first level is the "Advanced Level".
This level is designed for very experienced Photographers who are using full manual mode, full editing in Light room, Photoshop etc, filters, HDR stitching etc.
The second level is the second level is the "Intermediate Plus Level"
This level is designed for those who are not quite at the standard of an advanced level but is a little better than just the normal Intermediate. This will include those who are using manual modes, filters, with a further advancement of editing skills.
The third level is "Intermediate" which is designed for mid-range experience photographers that have recently stepped out of the Novice section, and are slowly using priority and manual modes, filters and a reasonable amount of editing.
The fourth level is the "Novice Level".
This level is designed for the Beginner, who uses mainly auto modes and minimal editing.
It is up to you which level you wish to enter, but the judges can overrule the Level specified if they think the entry is worthy of being up in the next level. If the judges have to constantly overrule a photographers specified level, we will ask that photographer to submit their entries in the higher level in the future.
Our aim is to help everyone grow as a photographer. We believe by having the four levels of competition, it will give you all a fair go at winning an award against other photographers at the same or similar level as yourself. Hopefully over time we will see you all grow and finally compete in the advanced level, while new comers will start in the "Novice Level".