EPIC Battlefield

STATUS: WAR (details below)

A DB during any posted war will itself be considered an act of war.

Drums of WAR

War against James Wakefield and his clan Phoenix Rising, both as assist to our allies 300 Spartans and defending against я↑ϟ℮ allies Protectors-Maniacs-Warlords and Family Attack Team. [{(ק๓ฬ)} and ~ƒðŦ~ declared war on EPIC.

If you are interested in a scheduled db or mock, please contact:

Ivan Stanizan, GF (time CEST)

Sharon Ramsey, GM (time EDT)

Admins https://www.facebook.com/groups/EPICBattlefield2/admins/?order=default

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EPIC is always looking for some fun!!
So park the bus and enjoy a good fight.
We save our top shelf beverages for clans who bring all levels.

Warring tags: ╬EPIC╬ & Ⓔ
*Please do not hit our non-warring tag ≈EPIC≈.

Our Allies:
Ragnarok ◈ℛ◈
³⁰⁰ Spartans


Min Requirements to be an EPIC'er:
Red tag ╬EPIC╬ 50K combined
(40K by exception)
White tag/tat Ⓔ 50K Combined

Below min?
Apply to our non-warring tag ≈EPIC≈
(on same form)

If you are interested in joining EPIC please fill out our form:


This is our house, please abide by our rules...

[EPIC] has 2 rules:

• Have FUN

Please remember to remain respectful at all times, this is a DRAMA FREE Family.

This is an open wall. It needs to be kept clean. Inappropriate posts, drama and player links will be deleted. If an admin cannot see your posts due to you blocking them, you WILL be removed from this page until they are able to see when & what you post.

Do not hijack an EPIC member's ice post with your own .. to do so will risk your post being removed or you being removed from our page :)