EPSD Parent Advisory Group - Educational Resources & Community Outreach

Parental engagement starts by participating in your child's school events!
Please DOWNLOAD YOUR SCHOOL CALENDAR(S) to Outlook and all your iCal enabled devices. Steps:
Go to www.epsd.org
Go to Our Schools (for each child)
Go to Monthly Calendar
Click on top right Download (open folder) icon
Click on Subscribe to Calendar link

Must read POSTS and COMMENTS in EVENTS, as we try to highlight stakes and deforms/reforms.
CONTRIBUTE to this Group and ADD concerned citizens, community organizers and public education advocates.

REMINDER - As a PAG, we are all on the same side: ALL the children of Englewood - as one, whole community.
Above and beyond being EPSD families, we are first and foremost one Englewood community!
We can have real discussions on how to best develop the potential of our children and support our public education. This group aims to grow from a rich dialogue: keep it constructive and solution-based!

YES, WE ARE AT A CROSSROAD, 12+ years in the making, but this group is all about rebuilding one great Englewood Public School, at the core of the City we all love: do the work to rebuild one Englewood Community!

Students, parents, guardians, advocates, teachers, administrators, alumni, community builders:
This is your place to ask questions, share information, issues, concerns and give/find solutions, recommendations...
Invite your family and friends to join, share your hopes, ideas, skills, experience, volunteering... generously!
This PAG is intended to build an EPSD community, with the ultimate goal of making the EPSD the best school district in which to raise our children!

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