Endometriosis Research Center's Diet & Nutrition Sub-Group

WELCOME! We’re glad you’re with us! The Endometriosis Research Center’s (endocenter.org) Diet & Nutrition group was designed to facilitate targeted discussions about food/supplemental intervention for the management of endometriosis. This ERC group is part of our global support and education network, and is intended to facilitate - in a closed setting - the exchange of experiences, ideas, information and education related to nutritional modulators of symptoms. Members may freely share recipes, valid nutrition-related resources which have helped them and to a limited extent, peripheral topics such as endocrine disruptors found in products and food, lifestyle interventions, exercise (which often goes hand-in-hand with diet), physical intervention for the lessening of symptoms (e.g. physical therapy) and more on a case by case basis. We also discuss the latest research findings from the literature and will, from time to time, post academic items for information and discussion.

This group does not replace the ERC’s main Facebook wall located at https://www.facebook.com/EndoResCenter, and is not for general discussion about other aspects of endometriosis. Please do not post non-related queries to this board.

This is a moderated/closed group open to members only and we take privacy concerns very seriously. Please respect the nature of the forum and DO NOT share posts outside of this setting. Our group is very informal; members are encouraged to make themselves at home. Rules are minimal: we ask members to remain on topic (unrelated posts will be removed without notice); no trolling/spamming/harvesting (anyone found doing so will be reported and banned); and be respectful of one another, our organization and the individual journey we all take with this disease. No post, link, material or any other information found herein is to be mistaken for medical advice in any way, shape or form. Further, no conversation with any of the nutrition/healthcare professionals donating their time and expertise to share generalized information herein should be mistaken for provider/patient relationship. Please consult your personal physician for advice and assistance regarding your care.

Thanks for being here with us and please, let us know how we can help. Though there is no ‘magical approach’ or dietary intervention that will solve all aspects of the disease, many have found relief from different nutritional interventions. We hope you find this to be a terrific resource as you embark on your own journey. – Endometriosis Research Center Team