ER Vet Tech Rounds

If you are interested in joining this group, and your profile not indicate you are a veterinary technician, assistant, or veterinarian working in clinical practice, please watch your "Message Requests" inbox for a message from me to confirm your eligibility to join this group. This is a fantastic forum for veterinary technicians, assistants, and veterinarians working in clinical practice to discuss topics relating to critical care and emergency veterinary nursing.

Rules of the group:

1- Please post relevant topics to veterinary emergency and critical care nursing.

2- Be aware of the legal scope of practice of the RVT, CVT, LVT, Vet Tech, Vet Assistant, or other veterinary professional.

3 - Misrepresentation of your education, title, or credentials will be grounds for permanent removal from the group. Any proven misrepresentations will be immediately reported to the appropriate governing agency or credentialing body.

4 - No job posting. This is not the forum.

5 - Do not post about personal pets. This forum is not meant to help you diagnose your own pet.

6 - There is no "wrong" answer. Please be respectful of your colleagues. Inappropriate language or attitudes will not be tolerated.

7 - Please ensure that proper consent has been granted before posting pictures identifying specific patients.

Failure to follow these rules will result in removal from the group.

DISCLAIMER: This group is NOT a resource for the diagnosis or treatment of any diseases of veterinary patients. The role of the veterinary technician involves implementing treatment plans as prescribed by a veterinarian and their diagnosis of disease. This group is intended to be a discussion of approaches to the sick veterinary patient ONLY in the role of a veterinary technician/assistant. In no way is this group meant to circumvent or substitute the role of the veterinarian in the legal veterinarian-client-patient-relationship and the establishment of a diagnosis, prescribing of treatment, or prognosing of conditions. This group will serve as a forum for veterinary technicians/assistants/veterinarians who work in emergency or critical care settings to exchange ideas and discuss concepts relating to veterinary nursing care and the role of the veterinary nurse/technician in emergency and critical care. The thoughts, opinions, or statements made by any one member of the group do not reflect the position of any other members, the group as a whole, nor the administrators of the group.

Additional Disclaimer: Although there are members of veterinary technician specialty academies administrating and participating on these boards (AVECCT, AIMVT, AVTAA, etc) this group is in NO way officially affiliated with any specific organization such as VIN, VSPN, any of the Academies referenced above, or any other VTS Academy or Specialty College.