ESC France

Le but de ce groupe est d'inviter tous les membres de votre ESC ainsi que ceux que vous connaissez dans d'autres ESC ou autres Ecoles de Commerce même à l'international afin de créer un réseau d'élèves en France et à l'international et de pouvoir partager, créer et rassembler.

Hello everybody, this group is a private group for every student who study in business school or interested about business. The aim of this group is to share our experiences with other student, to find new opportunities of business or formation, to know a new country or a new culture.First this group was open for french student in business school but now we decide to open this group to international student because international environment are more stimulated and creative to open the way into new opportunities and challenges. So, if you are open-minded curious and easy going this group is for you!! ;) Don't hesitate to invite new friends to grow our community and have new fun experiences!