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Welcome to ESOL Teachers Worldwide!

This board is designed for ESOL teacher support. Our aim is to connect teachers and other ELT professionals from all over the world with one another. We like to think of this group as a "virtual staff room" where Q&A discussions are the main focus.

We receive hundreds of member requests per day. In an attempt to keep our group free from spam and unwanted solicitations, we ask that after you request to join the group, please send a private message with one sentence describing your ELT profession to:

Jen Brummer-
(if your first name starts with the letter A through M)

Shaza Mahmood-
(if your first name starts with the letter N through Z)

Something simple like “I teach English to children aged 5-11” is absolutely fine!

When we receive your message, we will confirm your request to join the group.

Once you have joined the group, please read the guidelines pinned to the top of the group wall before posting anything.

Thank you so much for joining us.
We can’t wait to share ideas and collaborate with you!


A message from one of our group members:

"Just wanted to thank you again for adding me to the group. To tell you the truth I wasn't very hopeful at first but it turned out to be a great help with lots of very useful pieces of advice. I find myself checking the comments and writing things up for later as there are so many things that are relevant to me! So congratulations, I hope the group will stay as focused and informative as it is now. Well done, you did well with it!:-)"