Eternal Web: Faerie Ministry for the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple

Post Photos, Questions, Poems, or anything pertaining to Faerie Majick!

Created by Rev. Jacqueline Rene Cabot Civitarese, H.Ps. for the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple

Are you looking to begin a personal relationship with the Mystical race and elemental spirits that reside alongside our realm? Through Meditation, a Majick Circle, and Offerings to the Fae we are sure to have their friendship in life and in majick. Already working with them, and have experiences or majick you’d like share with fellow witches? Well, request to become a member!

• Learn how our mundane world is intertwined with the magical world of Faerie.
• Descriptions of some of the many types of Faerie encountered throughout the world and how you can connect with them majically.
• Discover the best time and places to find faeries; Seasonal, solar, and lunar faerie majick.
• How to use faerie herbs and plants; connecting with crystals to harness faerie majick for love, protection, prosperity, happiness and healing.
• Guided meditations will be offered to help you begin the majickal journey to Faerie. Allowing you to set up a sacred space for majick and start a relationship your faerie guide.
• Addition meditations to aid you in working with Faerie.
• List of the best books, tarot, music on Faeries and Faerie Majick.
• Poems and Art of Faerie.
• Q & A both private and public.

• New Ministry forum for the plenty of room for growth and new ideas!

*Please be respectful to fellow members. We are all here to celebrate and share our own personal view and perception of Faerie as the knowledge was given to us.
*Post might be removed if admins view them to be offensive, inappropriate, repeated, or tacky. This is in order to say respectful or to allow older post to be viewed from longer.