EUROPE Backpacker / Traveler

A group for Backpackers who are planning to travel through this ...countries or who has already experienced the magic of Europe- Share your recommendations and ask your questions here.

✮✮✮ Advice and Rules for posting in group ✮✮✮
1. Post ONLY in English language or if you want to post in your native languages you MUST have the english version too.
2. DO NOT start any heated discussions regarding religion, politics or other subjects that will automatically lead to people getting angry or offended.
3. DO NOT use abusive or threatening language when replying to posts/comments. If you do not like the post you can ignore it and if it's inappropriate you can report to the admins tagging them in comments. Admins are Eugene Reimer and Alexander Reimer
4.*NO HATE SPEECH, members are to be respectful and helpful to one another
5. DO NOT promote your business, you will get a friendly warning if you post several times per day, and if you keep breaking the rule we will have to delete you from the page. (this applies to members trying to sell personal belongings too)
6.THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG OR GROUP if you want to post about your travel in Southeast Asia,write us a message and we will post it for you.
7. DO NOT post ads to sell smartphones in bulk, ads to offer loans, investment etc.
9. DO NOT post a link without any text or explanation. It will be deleted.
10. DO NOT ask stupid questions.
11.Do NOT post any advertising that relate your own profit such as hotel link that relate to your link and you earn credit when people clicks through it.
12. Join this group only if you are a person with an actual facebook profile.
13. Please use the search box to search for the hostel and try to use tripadvisor or hostelworld before you ask in the group.
Please follow the rules & keep a good tone & enjoy

Please follow the rules & keep a good vibe & enjoy