EVS vacancy


In order to avoid some of the... disorder mis-posting and spam which can characterise other facebook groups, we have prepared some instructions to help ensure that only appropriate and relevant messages are posted here.

1) Adding the vacancy

To add the vacancy:

STEP1: please go to the ¨Files¨ tab and click +CreateDoc.
STEP2: please put in the title EI number and deadline you want to apply for. for example ¨2014-ES-13 for FEB 2012 deadline¨
STEP3: in the content write (1) short description of the activity (2) profile of the volunteer (3) application procedure (4) contact details how you prefer to be contacted

2) Cooperation rules

- please follow the application procedure presented in the vacancy
- do not upload your CV and motivation letters in this group (it is only for vacancies)
- do not use this group to look for vacancies or to promote yourself as volunteer

And finally please keep in mind that many organisations are simply flooded by questions from volunteers, so before asking a question PLEASE make sure you READ the description properly and also the APPLICATION PROCEDURE. Follow the instructions given.

Any post which does not strictly meet our criteria (organisations posting news about vacancies) will be deleted. Constant breaching of our guidelines to post spam or message which do not advertise a vacancy, will result in permanent exclusion from the group.