Before I'll give our main rules here in this group, I just wanted to say that EXOWeAreONE was a successful group.
For the ones who are new here, I want to greet all of you a warm WELCOME.
Thank you for your unending support for this group.

Please give time on reading our rules.

1. No fanwar (for those who'll start the fanwar, please message our ADMINS here so that we'll FIX the problem)
2. Respect one another (give your full RESPECT and surely they'll respect you back)
3. Post only related to EXO (of course, because this is FOR EXO-Ls ONLY)
4. No bad words (other people'll that our group is made up for IMMATURE FANS)
5. You can post a BYUNTAE photos (as long as you know your LIMITATIONS)
6. Speak ENGLISH. Because this group was created for international fans.
7. Members are not allowed to put ADMIN's POST if you're not an ADMIN.
8. SPAM is NOT allowed. (we'll remove you as a member)
8. You are allowed to construct a game together with our cheerful and friendly members (as a Spare time)
10. This group is also made for sharing your thoughts (if you need an Advice you can also share it with us); and
11. Just have fun, enjoy and make friends (the most IMPORTANT)

In case of need, just message any of the following admins:

Chrx Byun
Diyana Sofiah Dekna
Frances Neil Pama
Hannah Lee
Pamela Paragatos
Pearl Aen Yeollie
Park Jello
Stephen Acebedo Rebenito
Corine M. Repato
Fathimath Mohame
Rain Angel Salvador
Dan Oppa
Samerine Brondial