Ealing Events – What's On in Ealing

Ealing Events – What's On in Ealing is an open Facebook page where you can list your event in our London's best borough such as:

Fetes, New Shops, New Bars and Restaurants, Road Races, Ward Forums, Markets, Choral Evenings, Beer Festivals, Quiz Nights, Charity Galas, Tastings, Jumble Sales, Book Clubs, Film Clubs, Protests, Sports Tournaments, Church Events, Musical Evenings, Amateur Dramatic Performances, Gigs... you get the idea!

It's open to individuals, groups, organisations, businesses, charities, the council and anyone who wants to publicise an event other members will enjoy or gain something from attending.

If you join or post please feel free to invite others to join or post on your own wall. The more the merrier and better to promote our events.

Please don't post general business promotions. There are other sites for that. It has to be what others would consider an event. I repeat, please don't post general business promotions: they will be taken down and you will be barred. I'll say it again: IF YOU POST SOMETHING THAT ISN'T AN EVENT YOU WILL BE BARRED. There, that's better.

Please be nice to each other. And let's celebrate Ealing, the Queen of the Suburbs. x