Earth Sensitives Mastering Ascension


Ascension is not a destination; it is a process of growth that will move us to higher dimensions. At this time in history, we are moving ever closer to the 4th Dimension of Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is the absence of judgment. As we give birth to our New World, we must learn to live in our heart and to Love ourselves and others unconditionally, so Love will be a major topic.

We will be discussing many areas related to birthing our New World including current events and what some may consider conspiracy theories.

The rules are simple, be kind and Loving. Spiritual snobbery is not allowed and will get you removed from the group. Self-promotion will get you immediately removed from the group. This includes articles you have written or your FaceBook page. If you are an ACTIVE member, commenting on posts over a period of time, you can contact me for permission to post something that is promotional. Anyone who attempts promotional posts without permission will be immediately removed from the group.

Claudia is available to assist you to create a smoother transition through a Heart and Soul Healing Session

The Healing Ascension Symptoms MP3 will allow you to release many of the symptoms.

The Vibes Up products can be very beneficial.

Ring Stop to help with ringing in the Ears