Earth wRecked

Earth wRecked (E...R) is exclusively devoted to reporting/discussion of human-caused endangerment to human and all other life forms for which the earth is their only home. We feel that minor and perhaps too-late steps like recycling, banning some plastics, innovations in green energy, political reform, population reduction and such are of interest but outside of the focus of this group.

For those wishing to post articles that offer more 'hope' for the planet, we suggest that you visit/join our sister group the ER wReck Room and/or visit the myriad of groups dedicated to this purpose, a few linked below.

Challenging and on-topic discussion is encouraged here, but ad hominem comments, lateral hostility, spam and blocking admins will be grounds for removal.

If you have any complaints about the contents of this group please post them in ER Admin (linked below) or PM any admin. All such in Earth wRecked will be removed. This is in the interest of keeping the main wall focused on the planet, not us.

Our sister groups -
Occupy The 'Cons' Piracy is for discussing/exposing conspiracies against life like money, war, assassinations, 9/11, war etc.

E-Radiated was just launched 12/11/14 and is for all things radioactive.

ER wReck Room is the place for more general posts, casual conversation, music, art, jokes or more serious 'off-air' debate between members. Posts offering solutions to help us come to terms with a wrecked world are acceptable in this group.

ER wReck Room:<a></a>

The admin group for Earth wRecked that all members are welcome to join is:<a></a>

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