East Coast Mums' Support Group (ECMSG) - Singapore

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This is a CLOSED group for mums in Singapore to exchange ideas and support. Our group focuses on life on the east coast of Singapore.

WE DO NOT ALLOW ADVERTISING or SELLING on this group. No bulk sales, pre-loved sales or property posts please. Your post will be deleted. If done repeatedly we will PERMANENTLY BAN you from this group.

Please respect each other and refrain from judging others. This is an closed group with nearly 7,000 members. Your posts can be seen by all the members.

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The decisions of the volunteer Admins on this group are final. Please respect the decision even if you disagree. Membership of this group is not a right. We will remove and permanently ban any member who is disrupting the group without notice.

Please be friendly and respectful in your interactions with each other. We will ban members who abuse the goodwill of this group for commercial purposes.

You many add your friends to this group subject to admin approval. This is a mums group. Men are generally not admitted, so please do not add your husbands. We do our best to keep out spammers and fraudsters. Please use the "report to admin" function to help us filter out undesirable content on our wall.

We hope you enjoy the interactions in this group and we are delighted to be Admins on this wonderful group that was founded in 2006.

The Admins