East Snohomish County Community Awareness Group

I created this page for residents of the East Snohomish County area including Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe, Sultan, Startup, Gold Bar, & Index to share tips & hopefully prevent or deter crime in our neighborhoods.
I changed the name of the group to include a little more than strictly crime prevention, because I think we have a good, strong group of active community members that may want to help find a lost child or pet or share a tip on a crash or road closure (even though they may not technically qualify as a crime).
There will still be zero tolerance for political, social, or otherwise offensive topics. I want to keep this page open to anyone who wants to join, but if I start to see repeat offenders I will be forced to delete them.
Let's share our stories of suspicious activity with mature, open minds & try to clean up East County a bit! =)
Feel free to invite anyone that you feel may be interested in the info we have to share! Thanks for coming!